arugam bay, sri lanka

point break paradise

von andi h.

tropical dream location and point break paradise. most probably the hottest and most humid place on earth, but you’ll be able to surf in boardshorts anytime.

sri lanka is a magical island with a great cultural mix of singhalese-, hindu-, buddhist- and tamil people. in the main season the waves are generally 3-6 foot every day with offshore blowing all the time. 5am is the best time to hit the waves, surf until 11am before the heat gets unbearable and then surf again at sunset.

arugam main point is pretty crowded with a competitive local crew, but seek out north&south and you shall find (or ask a tuk-tuk driver).

some of the waves are breaking over really shallow reef. treat even the smallest wounds & cuts, as there is a big chance to catch a nasty infection which will force you out of the water for at least a week or even worse!!! on your way to the lesser known spots, chances are good to see spectacular wildlife such as elephants, crocodiles, leopards…etc.  bring everything you need (board & accessories, wax, zink/sunblocker), it’s a very poor region. stick to local food, the european/western food is only half as good, as a proper sri lankan curry. in town you will find a couple of bars with good live music or not so good dj’s. the “siam view” for example has great artists and really good local brew on tap (food is amazing too).

once in sri lanka, make sure you check out more of the island, such as: the mountains with all the tea plantations and adams peak with buddhas footprint, kandy the spiritual capital, at least one national park (f.e. yala just south of arugam bay). traveling around is easy and cheap.