san diego, usa

san diego, usa

how a shake shop saved my day – if not life

while driving down the infamous highway 101 in california maude and i had been on the road for 2 weeks. a journey that started in tofino b.c. had taken us all the way down to san diego. we had a blast up until then but eating  cloggers all day and shredding our brains out slowly drained our batteries.

so while entering la jolla, maude suddenly freaks, starred at me and says:”i need a milk shake mo, now…..” my response was timid and i agreed and promised her to find a milkshake place, as a side note it was my fault we were eating cloggers only because my travel budged was to small to effort anything but avocados wraps and hot sauce, so in a way i owed her.

driving around in san diego with no clue where to go, i started to get impatient and i gotta say i think we saw more of san diego, than anyone on there first day of arrival .

so we are driving me a worn down surfhobo from germany and my best surf buddy from canada, but actually from france, searching, inpatient and most of all craving food. i know it sounds cliche but right at the point where we were about to give up:”stop, there it is.”

my reaction was to directly stepped on the breaks and put the paddle to the floor which in retrospect was stupid and dangerous, but i felt tired and my brain wasn’t functional enough anymore.

maude pointed to her left and then i saw it, a small corner store saying : “ frosties “

we parked the car as fast as we could, ran for the shop and ordered one xl oreo shake and one xl cream vanilla shake . bottomline is that frosties kind of saved our day back then and from that point on it will be one of my fondest memories.

von mo, 2014