lombok, indonesien

my favorite surfspots on lombok

indonesia, lombok (iland), kuta lombok (village), ekas oustside (spot): to get to lombok, you have to either take a ferry from various places in bali (or other ports on the surrounding islands) or take one of those tiny planes from denpasar airport. depending on your preference in traveling you will either arrive in one of the various ports or at the only airport on lombok. to get to kuta lombok you will have to take a cab (one hour and fairly cheap). kuta lombok is the starting point for many beautiful (less crowded in comparison to bali) surfspots around lombok.

one of them is ekas outside. you will have to find a traveling agent in kuta lombok and plan a day trip. it takes 2-3 hours to get there by boat and car. but it is worth the trouble!!! you will be greated by a powerful empty lefthander in fairly deep water with tons of barrels. just minutes away from ekas outside is ekas inside, which is a spot with less tricky conditions also surfed by beginners.

apart from beautiful surfspots lombok is a beautiful island, with tons of other things to do and definitely worth a stay! if you can: stay at „surfers inn“. clean and comfortable rooms at very low cost! eat at the „fish lady“ (there is no name for her restaurant). outstanding indo food for one or two pennys.

von fiete gerisch, 2014