montalivet, frankreich

the drive to solid handmade surfboards

in 2013 my friend kevin as well as my girlfriend and i set our mind of doing a surftrip in france. this is about one of the little magic moments we encountered on this trip. so we are all packed in my little vw golf luggage up under the roof and seven surfboards on the roof rags. we spend like 10 hours in the car driving though beautiful french landscape and the occasional big city traffic.

our backs and butts are hurting and we a tired as f***, but well you tend to torture yourself for a temporary escape in those big watery giants.

anyways, we are about to arrive at our destination montalivet and all i can think about is eating and sleeping, when kevin said that he has to show me this awesome surfshop and i am thinking to myself: how awesome can it be? i’ve seen some pretty awesome shops. why now?

when we arrived we stepped out of the car and i was picturing the classic france surfshop with a bunch of shortboards and the occasional bic longboard. i didn’t expect too much.

when i entered thou i wasn’t tired or hungry anymore. i was dazzled and surprised how a small shop could be so well staked with longboards and hull shaper. just to mention a few: there where wegener, mandala, bing, takayama, junod and we are not talking gls or eps boards but solid handmade and glassed surfboards.

the owner of the shop turned out to be just like the boards in his shop reliable and old school.

so if you are in the area and you find the time go and get dazzled in the spyder surfshop. it doesn’t get more authentic than this.

 von mo, 2015