breton evening


the 20-minute homage to brittany was accompanied by breton crêpes, cider, beer and live music in berlin from the band morceau de breizh, originally founded for exiled frenchmen in sachen. in düsseldorf, skald from krefeld gave a live performance with violins, and in frankfurt, andreas neumann and marcus krimmer played the breton bagpipes.

all bands are at home in the fest-noz genre. fest-noz is a traditional breton dance event, which has been on the unesco list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity for several years, and is characterized by a cheerful interplay between instrument and song. 

the movie is narrated by paris-based caroline gaussen. she lends her voice to brittany, intoned with a strong french accent, which leads through the film like a dream.

the background music for "octobre" comes from the berlin band chai khat, who signed a recording contract during filming. this prevented them from performing live themselves at the premiere. instead, the guys at the düsseldorf store delivered a dj-set, which helped to set a new internal LANGBRETT free beer record and kept the breton evening going into the early morning hours of next day.

special thanks to the production company and agency for new communication, source-tree. kasia, simon and moritz accompanied and documented the trip of the club members with patience, professionalism and a drone. thank you for your dedication.