reading with michael scott moore

"sweetness and blood" - stories about the origins of surfing in the german democratic republic.

michael scott moore has travelled a lot. as a successful author and passionate surfer, he has been collecting surfing stories since his childhood. we inspired him for our beloved northern french winter swell and in return were able to learn many interesting stories about the origins of surfing in the german democratic republic and similar far away countries before the publication of his book "sweetness and blood".

thank you for your positive feedback on his reading in front of our berlin shop. his book "sweetness and blood" is also available now as a paperback, here is the summary of a big online bookseller:

how did an obscure tribal sport from precolonial hawaii—one that was nearly eliminated by christian missionaries—jump oceans to california and australia? and how did it become such a worldwide passion, even in places where the surf may be excellent, but the society is highly conservative or superstitious about the sea?

in sweetness and blood – a brilliantly written travel adventure – journalist (and surfer) michael scott moore visits unlikely surfing destinations—israel and the gaza strip, west africa, great britain, germany, indonesia, japan, cuba, and morocco—to find out. whether he is connecting eccentric surf legend doc paskowitz to the arab-israeli conflict, trying to deconstruct the terrorist bombing in a nightclub in bali, or being chased by the german police while surfing a river break in berlin, moore masterfully weaves together politics, culture, history, and surfing to create a book like no other.