white waves

the LANGBRETT club presented the award-winning surf documentary white waves in cooperation with the surfrider foundation at four locations in hamburg, berlin, düsseldorf, frankfurt.

white waves - surfers fight for a clean sea

out of nowhere, small plastic rings appear on the beach of guéthary on the west coast of france. every day, more of them appear at the coast, there are hundreds, thousands of them. françois verdet surfs the waves on this beach all year long. he is shocked. where do they come from? françois can't sleep until he knows their origin...

waste, sewage, industrial products and chemicals - everything ends up in the sea. it often happens without anyone even noticing. but there are a few people who feel the marine pollution every day in their own bodies: surfers. they grab their board and surf the waves, in summer and winter. water is their life. and they want to protect it.

the white waves team spent two years travelling the beaches of europe to meet surfers and uncover largely unknown cases of marine pollution - from millions of plastic wheels to disease-causing bacteria in the sea.