be part of the closed loop movement

buying sustainable and fair produced clothes is one side of the coin, care and repair is the other. both aspects belong together. 

at our sewing and repair events in our shops, products can be repaired or modified. with the LANGBRETT club members, we turn old jackets into children's sleeping bags, wetsuits into laptop bags, the worn-out favourite trousers are the starting material for a sports bag. 'new' products are created without water consumption and greenhouse gases. for us, the most effective way of conserving resources is to simply reuse parts that have become worthless. anyone who owns a product that they no longer use should pass it on. 

in all our shops, we collect discarded and defective items of clothing. we take back worn-out LANGBRETT products to reintegrate them into our production cycle again and again. 

to close the loop, we need your support. be part of the closed loop movement.