nature is an incredible thing

brief unserer freundin madi

nature is an incredible thing. the ocean, the mountains, woods filled with tall beautiful trees, long stretches of grassy fields. it all awe-inspiring. having grown up and lived all over canada, i feel like i have a deep connection with the outdoors. i’ve had the privilege of snowboarding down steep, powder covered mountain, surfing clean, cold waves and hiking through rich green forests along coast lines. for me, the outdoors is like a close friend. it encourages you to be your best self, to push your limits. it increases your confidence and makes you feel like you are strong and can do anything. it also keeps you honest.

theres nothing like being held down by a set of waves, or pointing your nose over the edge of a steep vertical, to remind you that you are not invincible and there are forces out that that are bigger then you are. it’s a relationship that teaches you respect. every time you get a little cocky it throws something your way to humble you. some of the greatest memories i have are times when i was alone in the outdoors. i remember sitting in the water at sunrise in tofino, feeling the waves roll beneath me as the sun peaked over the trees on shore. riding a perfect powder line in sun peaks, bc, that feeling of floating down the mountain. summiting mountains after hours of difficult hiking. these are the moments that i want to hold onto. times when it was just me and my friend nature, hanging out, getting closer. 

my love of all things outdoors has led me outside of canada as well. it’s a big part of what has inspired me to travel. for the last 7 years, travelling, and adventuring outside, have been my main focus. it’s taken me all over the world. it’s always amazes me how no matter where you go you can connect with people over the outdoors. it doesn’t matter what your background is or what language you speak, all you need is that mutual passion for playing outside. it creates communities and friendships.  

i was very lucky to be part of such a community while living in germany. my boyfriend started working at a surf, skate and lifestyle shop in dusseldorf and it changed our whole year. most of my friends were met in langbrett or through a friend of a friend who came to the shop.we went surfing together, and rock climbed together. we reminisced on trips and moments in the water and on mountains. we were a little family of outdoor adventurers who were happy to live in vans and tents to be closer to nature. it was also through this shop that i learned a lot about sustainable clothing production and protecting the places we love to play. who better to lead the way, then those who rely on nature to keep them inspired and feeling a live. mother nature takes care of us and in return we take care of her.