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bikepacking - exploring the roads less cycled | english

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with a year full of new practices necessary for coping with the pandemic, one phenomenon has been particularly well-documented: an unprecedented bike boom.

what matters most is the journey, not the destination—experiencing and going places, but without much urgency of arrival is what really makes the pursuit. choosing the roads less traveled, connecting to the surroundings every pedal of the way: bikepacking is more than a method of transportation—it’s a vibrant traveling philosophy.

the book includes 10 how tos with first-hand tips and advice to plan one’s own adventure:

  • how to plan a route
  • bikes, bags & setups
  • master kitgrid
  • trailside fixes
  • shelter
  • sustenance: considerations for eating and drinking in the wild
  • how to travel in a group
  • how to travel as a family
  • how to travel solo
  • how to travel as a couple