WALDSCHRAT bike & outdoor cleaner

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WALDSCHRAT is probably the first uncompromisingly sustainable cleaner, specially made for bike and outdoor fans. it's easily biodegradable, microplastic-free, contains neither chemical additives nor foam boosters, and is made from local ingredients from the foothills of the alps. it cleans bikes as powerfully as it does your shoes, luggage, and camping dishes. and the best: when cleaning, the woody scent of mountain pine makes you want to go hiking again. so, get out of your WALDSCHRAT and scrub.

  • free of microplastics, petrochemicals, dyes, and palm oils
  • made from rapeseed, pumpkin, and hemp oil from the alps
  • environment and skin-friendly
  • practical spray head for efficient, effective usage
  • for bikes, backpacks, hiking shoes, and almost everything else