i love the seaside surf & travel guide to chile

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the i love the seaside surf & travel guide to chile is a 224-page printed book (english language) exploring the chilean coast and a little inland. for this book the seaside team stargazed in the arid desert in norte grande, found the way through green hills to stay in the lively surf hubs of central chile, then drove through the lake district’s ancient forests to explore the chiloé archipelago in north patagonia.

any seaside lover can use this guide to find the best places to hang out, sleep, shop, or do other activities. our guides are created by ocean-loving people for ocean-loving people.

  • beautiful and inspiring photos, maps
  • detailed and clear description of surf breaks for all levels
  • activities (yoga, SUP hire, biking, hiking, hammam, kids and cultural stuff, etc)
  • accommodations, shops, restaurants, cafes
  • surf shops, schools, camps, board rental and repair
  • interviews with seaside locals
  • local food facts and recipes
  • details guide: english language, 224 pages, size 23 x 17 cm, thick 2,5 cm