mtb short film event düsseldorf

we are a part of the mountain bike festival in düsseldorf and to get in the mood we have hosted a film evening in our store on 09 june. as always with music and free drinks für club members.

patagonia’s three short films tell the stories and experiences of unique people who live mountain biking. “becoming ruby”, “life of pie” and “north shore betty” bring you closer to the sport and the community.

becoming ruby | inclusion, bikes and hand-drawn heroes:

this shortfilm is about brooklyn bell, a 23-year-old artist, graphic designer and mountain biker who fights for a more diverse outdoor community.

no matter if it’s about people of colour, women or queer people, all people should have the freedom to do what makes them happy. for this, an inclusive design of the sport and community is important. so that an individual development is possible.

brooklyn herself has long felt unseen in her sport and its community. her created persona “ruby” brings attention to the problem and helps her and others feel heard.

life of pie | pizza and bikes can fix anything:

jen zeunerand anne keller are part of the mountain biking community in fruita, colorado. “life of pie” shows the evolution of this community over the last 20 years and the impact these two women have had on it.

even though the beginnings were hard, jen and anne built up their own place “hot tomatoes” in this conservative city. not only to sell pizza, but also to offer people a place where they can live their individuality and freedom.

mountain biking is also a big part of their lives. on a bike you are free and happy, jen and anne think. inclusion in full, with pizza and sports.

north shorebetty | you’re never too old to send:

patagonia’s latest short film is about betty birell, a 73-year-old mountain biker in north vancouver, british colombia, who has been riding the trails of vancouver’s north shore for nearly 30 years. betty’s passion and unusual story have inspired many people. with her influence, she contributes significantly to the development of the sport and the community.

for everyone that missed the event: the films are still available online.