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the surf atlas

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in english only. 

iconic waves and surfing hinterlands 

the surf atlas is a collection of the world’s most unique, unusual, and iconic surf destinations. surf beneath the northern lights in norway, warm yourself up on ghana’s equatorial waves, or dance down your longboard in waikiki. this book has it all.

extended across six regions—africa, asia, europe, central, and south america, north america, oceania and the pacific—the surf atlas celebrates exploration, adventure, and the dizzying diversity of our surfing world. it’s time to ovewith the tides, so grab your board—surf’s up!

about the co-editor

photographer and writer, luke gartside, is the editor of wavelength magazine, europe’s longest running surf title. for more than ten years, he has been chronicling surf culture around the world, meeting intriguing characters along the way.

about gestalten

gestalten is an international publishing house collaborating and engaging with the world’s most interesting creatives to document and anticipate vital movements in architecture and interiors, design and fashion, escape and mobility, travel, food, and beverage, as well as visual culture.

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