climbing movie event hamburg

we have equippedthe store in hamburg for climbing. with climbing shoes, chalk, chrashpads and more. to go with it, we have hosted a movie night on 09 june 22 and shown “they/them”, a climbing movie by patagonia.

as a highlight, trans activist paul ninus naujoks was our guest to discuss with us in a q&a. he shared his perspective and experiences and answered questions directly and openly to give more attention to inclusion, representation and tolerance towards trans people.

of course there were cold drinks and music from the turntables with dj nils reddig afterwards.

they/ them:

the film is about lor sabourin, their climbing experiences in the sandstone canyons of northern arizona and experiences as a transgender person in the climbing community. for a long time lor felt they had to hide in order to be a part of the climbing community. the film explores the painful experiences and hurdles of self-discovery, the problems that can arise when one cannot express oneself as one feels and seeks control in other areas of life. however it also addresses the positive experiences and the liberating feeling of describing one’s identity and being able to accept oneself as one is.

lor wants to use their story, passion and perseverance to inspire people to accept themselves and others, and to not give up even in difficult times.