running up for air

as we walk, we breathe in and out more deeply. the problem of air pollution may not be felt directly, but it exists and is a danger to people all over the world. it no longer affects only inner cities. even in remote alleys and mountain villages the amount of smog and pollution is enormous.

the problem of microplastics also plays a major role. a large proportion of these particles, most of which are tiny, are found in the air we breathe. air pollution not only harms nature, but also our health.

in europe, the damage to health caused by air pollution is even higher than the global average. 9 out of 10 people living in european cities breathe polluted air.when we run and are active, we absorb even more dust from the air than when we breathe calmly. during an intense workout, this can be up to 10 times as many toxic particles.

we participated as runners across europe came together on the 25th of june to raise funds for 18 environmental groups working to improve air quality in europe.

“running up for air” is an endurance challenge in which you can collect elevation meters over a period of 1 to 24 hours to raise donations and set a sign for clean air. over hills through the forest, in the park around the corner or just up the stairs.

our meeting point was at 10 am in front of the LANGBRETT store, ackerstrasse 113. our group has reached a donation value of over 550€ and almost 7.000 elevation meters.

the money collected has been donated directly to these and other environmental groups. for better air.

environmental groups:

inspire/ france; cittadini per l’aria/ italy; genitori antismog/ italy; coll’air pur/ france; stay grounded/ international; germanzero/ germany; bündnis bürgerenergie/ germany; friends of the earth uk/ uk; hnutí duha/ czech republic; climate case ireland/ ireland; collective climate justice/ switzerland; urgenda/ netherlands. and more.