komm in den klub - mateusz

LANGBRETT club member mateusz loves the waves. he has been an enthusiastic windsurfer and kitesurfer since his childhood. the fact that his birthplace is close to the water certainly helped: he grew up in heide at the north sea and thus had the opportunity to discover water sports for himself at an early age. last year he built his own surfboard at our board building workshops.

he knows LANGBRETT from his time in hamburg. today he lives in berlin. when we talked to him, he was on the road with his girlfriend, his dog and the old t3 bus on the southern atlantic coast of france.

mateusz, where are you right now?

at the plage de la savane (santocha) south of soorts-hossegor. usually we go to denmark, but due to the suggestions in your "i love the sea side travelguide" this year we've gone for the french atlantic coast - from biscarosse to biarritz.

tell us some other surf spots you can recommend?

we liked the beach of moliets-et-maa and biarritz. biarritz is known for its grand plage, but there are also nice spots south of it.

how does it feel to go out on the water with your own self-made surfboard?

it's happened a few times that i've been approached and asked if it's real wood. people can't believe that you go out with a board like that and that it's also relatively easy and good to surf. you see the board and look twice. i've stood on other boards, too, but i think my own surfboard is perfect. it's exactly adapted to my needs because i was able to decide everything myself beforehand. but you also just have a completely different connection to the board after you've spent three intense days planing around on it and touching every square inch several times. it's a totally sublime feeling to surf on something you made yourself.

do you usually build your own things?

not everything. but i just like to build things myself, like smaller pieces of furniture. most recently, i upgraded my oldschool vw bus. the cool thing about handicrafts is that you see a result at the end. i don't really have that in my job at the desk, so i'm all the more happy to tinker and build in my free time.

note: no previous craft experience is necessary for the board building workshops. 

what else do you like to do?

most of all i like to be outside - bouldering, road biking and if possible kitesurfing, sailing and sup riding. just going out and having fun!

have a good trip back. we look forward to seeing you at the next event.